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Welcome Baby Dumpling!

Dumpling is here! I typed this up while in the hospital so I didn’t forget anything. I hope it makes sense. Late night nursing sessions have you going delirious sometimes. I had contractions all day Monday, but I felt they weren’t strong enough to go to the hospital. I didn’t want the contractions to stall and be sent home or end up being induced. Tuesday, I didn’t have any consistent contractions. Maybe two or three an hour. We went about our day and took Tot to soccer practice. Around 1am, my contractions started to pick up and I started to…

Hospital Bag Checklist

No matter how many times I’ve done this, I still find myself looking up what I need to bring to the hospital. I sent messages to all my friends asking what they brought over and over again. With Birdie, I had my bag packed, but A panicked and forgot it at home. He had to go back and get it the next day. With Tot, I didn’t have a bag. I kept procrastinating and even though he was SO late (42 weeks), I just never had one. My sister ended up packing a bag for me, and she packed it…

Must-Have Products for Baby

With Dumpling on the way, I’ve been checking out all of these different products. I love researching and finding out what’s new, since things change so quickly. Products that were a must have with Birdie don’t even exist anymore! Things change pretty quickly. Here is a round up of some products that I just had to have. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock – click to get $10 off! I want Dumpling to hang out in our room for the first six months or so. I wanted something that would be perfect for him or her to hang out on our bed. After speaking…

Review: Apple Blossom Wovens Soulshine Cream

Apple Blossom Wovens Soulshine Cream 80% cotton, 20% hemp $$ machine woven Best for: heavier babies Carries: I would assume all I saw this ring sling up for sale in the BST (buy/sell/trade group) on Facebook for an amazingly low price and I had to have it. I love Apple Blossom Wovens and I’ve been wanting to try out their hemp with Tot. He’s been getting bigger and heavier and I’ve heard that hemp is perfect for toddlers so I jumped at the chance to get it. This was a conversion done by Cozy Cuties, LLC and it was pretty…

Giveaway Winner – BBWW Meetup

Just wanted to do a quick update on who the winner of the Poppet Sling giveaway was! Congratulations to Kyndal Nichelle Garcia for winning the Poppet Sling! Please message our Facebook page so we can get you in the right direction. Check out Poppet Slings – they are an amazing company. I love their ring slings. They’re so soft  and cuddly, right out of the box.


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  • Corn maze naps and babywearing 🌽⁣
Carrier |⁣ @nakedpandadesigns 
Bonnet |⁣ @kingknits ⁣
#babywearing #toddlerwearing #nakedpandadesigns #npddash #onbuhimo #bayareababywearing #carrythem #wearallthebabies
  • Baby toes 😍⁣
Yes, she’s wearing a pullover and no pants. Mom messed up 🤦🏽‍♀️ But isn’t Prism gorgeous? This wrap in ring sling form is just amazing. ⁣
Wrap | @appleblossomwovens ⁣

#babywearing #toddlerwearing #appleblossomwovens #abwovens #abwovensprism #prism #ringsling #wovenwrap #wearallthebabies #carrythem
  • I had the chance to check out @marisso__slings Venus Glamour. Such a fun wrap with that glitter ✨ Check out my review on the blog⁣
#babywearing #toddlerwearing #marissoslings #venusglamour #bayareababywearing #carrythem #wearallthebabies #wovenwrap
  • Daily errands in our @becobaby. This carrier is so comfortable, especially with the lumbar support. ⁣
#babywearing #toddlerwearing #becobaby #beco8 #becoeight #carrythem #wearallthebabies #bayareababywearing #ssc #softstructuredcarrier
  • Little Miss Dumpling in Cedric, our favorite striped sling from Poppet. Do you have a favorite striped sling?⁣⁣
Sling |⁣ @poppetslings⁣
Bonnet | @briarhandmade⁣
#babywearing #toddlerwearing #ringsling #ringslings #bayareababywearing #mylittlepoppetcedric #poppetslings #poppet #wearallthebabies #carrythem
  • My kids are loving these @tinytukkinss that were gifted to us! They love to play house and tuck them in at night, which coincidentally has made bedtime easier in our home too. ⁣
The different animal families are so much fun and I love the little school, complete with miniature pencils and books. I can’t wait to add more to our set. ⁣
#TinyTukkins #plush #plushplayhouse @apexdropofficial
  • I couldn’t choose between all the @nakedpandadesigns onbuhimos 😱 so many different ones but I fell in love with the Dash. #MommyConSoCal
  • @kinderpack has some amazing prints and good deals 😍 #MommyConSoCal

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