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Review: Emmeline Textiles Besought Dots

May 18, 2018 No Comments

Review: Emmeline Textiles Besought Dots

May 18, 2018 No Comments

Emmeline Textiles Besought Dots

  • 100% cotton – blend of mercerized and unmercerized cotton
  • $$$
  • Machine woven
  • Support: Average
  • Best for: All babies
  • Carries: Great with all!

Look at these colors y’all! This wrap is gorgeous! This wrap is the last of the Peacock collection. Look at that blue. That purple is a hand dyed weft, by Emmeline Textile’s own Ali. I just love looking at this wrap. I was able to check out this wrap before it was released, and I fell in love. It was just the perfect wrap for me. The colors, the texture, the support. It was a really amazing wrap. Unfortunately, it left us too soon to go wow people at a meetup. I would’ve loved this wrap to stay forever.

Look at that seat! The shoulders weren’t diggy at all. It isn’t a floofy, marshmallow cushy wrap, but the shoulders weren’t diggy. The shoulders felt solid. I think it has to do with the limited give of this wrap, with a tiny bit of stretch. I think the limited give is because of the hand dyed weft, and the slight stretch is from the peacock warp. It’s a pretty solid wrap, also due to the hand dyed weft. I feel like that slightly stiffens up the thread, so it loses some stretch and bounce. But not necessarily in a bad way.

You can really see the purple here. It has this sheen that is so pretty! You see it mostly in the sun. This wrap has moldability. It breaks in pretty easily and starts molding to you almost right away. I feel like that’s true with most of the Dots wraps by EmTex (Emmeline Textiles). It hugs your curves (and babe’s!), which you can see in the photo with the seat above. That’s where that stretch comes in, that I mentioned earlier.

This tight weave makes this wrap not so pull prone. It’s 100% cotton, so there are no special washing directions — but as always, follow the company’s recommendations. They know best! I feel like you don’t need to keep a special eye on this wrap. It’s not light where it’s constantly picking up dirt. But I also feel like it’s just so fancy, because of the colors.

I love knot shots! I feel like it really helps you be able to tell how thick a wrap it is. The knot is on the smaller side, fairly simple. So it’s a pretty thin wrap. It’s airy and breathable. So you don’t have to worry about sweating to death in it.

I would consider this wrap to be a glide-y wrap. The wrap moves easily and it’s easy to get those passes where you want it. It’s super easy to tie a slipknot in this, which I think says a lot. It’s not slippery. The slight bit of bumpy texture makes it not slip. It’s pretty soft and smooth, but those little dots you see, make all the difference. This wrap was floppy from the get go. It barely needed any breaking in and wasn’t stiff at all.

Look at these macro shots! You can see the different shades of purple in the hand dyed weft and that peacock shade is amazing. I also love the little dots – they’re my favorite part of this wrap. Dots is one of my favorite patterns by EmTex. They are thin to medium, supportive, soft, soapy. There are a few left in the shop as well! Check it out if you get the chance.

Emmeline Textiles: website / Facebook


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  • I got surprised with a trip to @Disneyland for Valentine’s Day. It’s so crowded because of the long weekend. There’s even lines for the bathrooms - every bathroom. We haven’t gone on many rides, but we’ve checked out more shows than before and looked around for hidden mickeys. The weather has been perfect too. ⁣
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