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10 Must Haves for a New Mom

September 29, 2018 No Comments

10 Must Haves for a New Mom

September 29, 2018 No Comments

I have been trying to figure out what were the most convenient items I’ve been using since Dumpling has been born. I came up with a list that I’ve been talking about to some other moms about. There are so many different products out there, but these are the ones that have been working really well for us.

Newborn Must Haves

1. Dockatot – We love ours! It has been helping us get ready to sleep since day one at home. We use it to get ready for nap time and even just to lounge around. Dumpling finds comfort in it and she’s keen to hang out in it. She loves that there’s something surrounding her at all times. It’s soft. It’s pretty perfect. (Dockatot)

2. Booties – Obsessed with June and January’s booties. They stay on! They don’t fall off, which has been amazing. I wish they offered them in bigger sizes. I’m worried when we outgrow them. We have them in a bunch of colors and prints.  (June & January)

3. Ring Sling – Dumpling has gone up since day 1, in the hospital. I was able to walk around with her in our room. These pre-softened ones from Poppet are squish worthy. Any time Dumpling is fussy, I pop her up. Any time I need two hands, I pop her up. They’re really convenient. We might have a few colors and their fall line drops on Thursday! (Poppet)

4. Water Wipes – These wipes have minimal ingredients. Water and grape seed extract. We use them for everything. Hands, face, and diaper changes.

5. Nail files – I use nail files on Dumpling’s nails. I’m always terrified of making her bleed with a nail clipper so these are pretty good.

6. Swaddle – The Ollie World swaddle is fantastic! I love being able to do middle of the night diaper changes without having to take the entire swaddle off. Best part is that it works for all ages, so I’m not going to have to worry about her growing out of it any time soon! (The Ollie World)

New Mom Must Haves

1. Socks – Love these by Woven Pear. I had them in the hospital. Late night, walking around, they kept my toes warm. The nurses loved the sayings on the bottom! These ones have lobsters on the top and y’all know I love me some seafood! There are so many options on their website. I need to grab some more. (Woven Pear)

2. Water bottle – Must stay hydrated. It’s so important. I always have water at my elbow. It’s so necessary. I’m always worried about being dehydrated. I feel like I’m always on the go, someone always needs something – so having a water bottle is so convenient.

3. Pre-natal vitamins – I’m still taking mine! I need to stay as healthy as I can with a newborn. I love knowing that I’m still getting all the vitamins that I need.

4. Mama Strut – This thing is perfect for postpartum bodies. It helps keep everything together, tight and tucked in. I’m able to keep an ice pack or heating pad on. It keeps my hips together and tucked down. It helps my ab muscles start to bind back together. And it’s covered by insurance – so even better.

This was just a quick list of 10 must haves with a new baby. I found them to be really convenient and helpful with Dumpling. What would you add to this list?

Disclosure: Some of these links are referral links. Some aren’t. But they all go to products I love and wanted to share. All opinions are my own.


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  • I know I posted this in my stories but it was really good. Lychee grapefruit gin spritzer. I love grapefruit everything & it’s lunar new year down at California Adventure. My favorite time of year 🧧⁣
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  • Slowly falling asleep in Tropical Rainbow. ⁣
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Sling | @heirloomcarrier 
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  • My review of @waywardwovens Everdeen is up on the blog! We loved having this Tencel and Bourette silk tester for a few days. ⁣
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  • Bring me back to Christmas Day dinner 🍴 I wish I could have some lobster tails 🦞 almost every day. This was such an awesome meal. ⁣
What do you eat when you celebrate for different holidays?  We do ham on Easter, turkey on Thanksgiving, and callaloo for New Years. I can’t wait for Chinese New Year - that’s my favorite meal 🧧 ⁣
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  • The rain is gone! It’s so sunny ☀️ And it’s supposed to be in the high 60s for about a week - so excited 🎉⁣
The older kids got electric scooters for Christmas🎄 but haven’t been able to take them out because of the rain. Now we are going out multiple times a day. It’s good exercise. No major injuries, yet. ⁣
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  • Checking out this bourette silk tester, Everdeen from @waywardwovens has been fun. I love checking out new fibers and seeing their wrap qualities. I’ll  have a more in-depth review on the blog later this week 💕⁣
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