Best answer: How do you share the hatch baby app?

Can two people have the Hatch app?

You can add additional users in the Hatch Sleep app where they will have full device control. From Settings, go to Add a Person. You’ll be prompted to enter their email, then we’ll take it from there by sending them an email to download the app.

How do you invite friends on Hatch plus?

Go to Settings. Select your Rest+ device. On the device settings page, under “Access,” tap on “Add a Person.” Enter the email address of the person who needs access, and then hit invite.

How do you connect second Hatch to App?

Android User:

  1. Tap the menu.
  2. Tap Baby Info.
  3. Tap the + sign.
  4. Complete the required information and tap Add Baby.

How do you pair a Hatch?

Those steps are listed below:

  1. Hold the volume up and brightness up buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds (your clock will then display “ON”)
  2. Tap NEXT.
  3. Select your Rest+ from the Available Rest screen.
  4. Choose your WiFi network (your phone will need to be on the same network as your Rest+ during this set-up process)
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Can you connect more than one phone to hatch rest?

Importantly, the Rest can only be connected to one phone at a time, so if both mom and dad want to control it from their personal phones, they’re going to have to “fight over the remote” just like the good old days!

Can you share a hatch account?

Yes, you can access your Hatch account from multiple devices. Simply log on using the same account information and all of your data will sync.

How do I pair my hatch rest?

3 Connect your Rest+ Open the Hatch Rest app and follow the steps to connect your Rest+. highter) and Android (Lollipop and higher). Touch Ring Touch Ring Tap the touch ring to turn on the device. Tap the touch ring again to cycle through preset light and sound combinations.

Does the Hatch need to be plugged in?

And because the Hatch Plus can be plugged in or run on batteries, it’s also fully portable. It has a toddler lock to prevent kids from messing with it. The battery is rechargeable and parents can customize color, brightness, sound and volume, plus set up their own sound and light combos.

How do I control Hatch rest on my phone?

Yes, you will need to download the Hatch Sleep app on your mobile phone. Once set up, in addition to app control, you can use the touch ring and buttons on the Rest device itself to control volume and brightness, as well as cycle through your favorite preset sound and light settings.

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How do I connect my hatch to Bluetooth?

Press the button with the two arrows (the Bluetooth connection button) on the bottom of your Restore for two seconds — the clock display will briefly say “ON”. This allows the Restore to be accessible over Bluetooth.

How do I turn on my hatch?

Having trouble registering your Rest+? Traveling with Rest+? What is Autoconnect? Can I disable Autoconnect?

How do I link Hatch to Alexa?

Turn the device on and off, control the volume, brightness, colors, sounds and more — without lifting a finger. After enabling the Hatch Baby skill and linking to your Hatch Baby account, try saying: “Alexa, tell Hatch to connect to my Rest Plus.” “Alexa, tell Hatch to turn on my Rest Plus.”