How do I sync my Arlo baby?

Why is my Arlo baby not connecting?

Log out of the Arlo app from the Settings > Profile page and then log back in again, or refresh the web page. If your Arlo Baby is still offline, make sure that your router is connected to the Internet and that you can access the Internet from other devices on your WiFi network.

How do I connect my Arlo baby to my phone?

To set up your Arlo Baby:

Plug the larger end of the USB cable into the power adapter. Plug the USB power adapter into a wall socket and wait for the camera LED to blink amber. For the best experience, download the Arlo app for your smartphone by searching for Arlo in the app store.

How do I reset my Arlo baby monitor?

Slide the battery switch on the bottom of Arlo Baby to off. The battery is turned off when no green is visible near the battery switch. Wait ten seconds, then slide the battery switch to on. Your Arlo Baby camera restarts.

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Does Arlo baby require base station?

Arlo Baby does not use a Base Station and connects wireless through the router’s WiFi.

How do I get my Arlo camera back online?

Log out of the Arlo app on your mobile device or web browser and log back in again. If your camera still appears offline in the Arlo app, visit Arlo Support to speak with an expert. The LED blinks blue and purple. The camera is connecting to the network and the cloud.

What Arlo baby camera LED indicates the camera is powered on and connected to the Internet?

Solid blue.

The camera is powered on and is connected to Arlo servers.

How do I add Arlo baby to HomeKit?

Connect Arlo to the Apple Home App

  1. Set up your Arlo camera and base station with the Arlo app. …
  2. Launch the Apple Home app.
  3. Tap + > Add Accessory.
  4. Scan the HomeKit setup code on your base station or quick start guide.
  5. Follow the setup flow to name cameras and place them in HomeKit rooms.

How do you move the Arlo baby camera?

Scroll down to the image that shows what Arlo Baby sees and tap or click Snapshot to take an updated picture of what Arlo Baby sees from its current position. To pan and zoom using a mobile device: Use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out. Touch and drag to move around the zoomed-in snapshot.

How do I connect my Arlo monitor to WiFi?

To connect your Arlo camera to your 2.4GHz WiFi Router:

  1. Launch the Arlo app on iOS or Android.
  2. Tap or click Settings > My Devices.
  3. Select your Arlo camera. …
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Device Settings screen, and tap or click Remove Device. …
  5. From the Devices screen, tap or click Add New Device, and select your camera.
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How do I turn off the blue light on my Arlo baby?

To turn the night light on or off from the Arlo app:

  1. Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at The Devices page displays.
  2. On your Arlo Baby camera feed, tap or click. to access the night light controls.
  3. Tap or click. to turn the night light on or off.

Why does my Arlo blink orange?

A blinking amber LED on the SmartHub indicates a camera is out of range. This could be due to range, or poor signal due to interference. If your cameras are working, this may not cause an issue for you but could result in inability to stream the cameras.

How long does the Arlo baby battery last?

The expected battery life for Arlo Baby ranges from three hours of night-time use to six hours of daytime use. Night-time use depletes Arlo Baby’s battery faster because the night vision LEDs use more battery power.

What is Arlo always listening?

Always Listening is a feature that lets you listen to what’s going on near Arlo Baby non-stop, even when your mobile device is locked. This feature is only available in the Arlo mobile app, not in the Arlo web application. To enable or disable the Always Listening feature: Launch the Arlo app on your mobile device.