Is it OK to take propranolol while pregnant?

Propranolol has been used safely to treat a variety of conditions during pregnancy, including hypertension and pheochromocytoma in the mother, and tachyarrhythmias in both the mother and fetus.

Can propranolol cause a miscarriage?

Are there any risks of taking propranolol during pregnancy? There are no concerns that taking propranolol in pregnancy causes harm. Propranolol belongs to a family of medicines called beta blockers. Studies have not shown that beta blockers cause birth defects, stillbirth or preterm birth.

Can you take beta blockers for anxiety while pregnant?

Beta blockers are the most commonly used class of medication for treating cardiac conditions in pregnant women. They are also effective for the treatment of anxiety symptoms, most commonly performance anxiety.

Are beta blockers safe in early pregnancy?

β-Blockers are the most commonly used class of medication for treating cardiac conditions in pregnant women. Despite the common use of this class of medication, data that support its safety are limited. β-Blockers cross the placenta and potentially can cause physiological changes in the fetus.

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Which beta blocker is safe for pregnancy?

There is a general consensus that labetalol is safer than other β-blockers during pregnancy, and this drug is rapidly becoming the first-line choice in conditions, such as chronic hypertension during pregnancy.

What does propranolol do to a fetus?

Propranolol use in late pregnancy may cause the baby to have symptoms of the drug acting on its heart, blood vessels, and metabolism. Symptoms would include slowed heart rate and low blood sugar. Does taking propranolol in pregnancy cause long-term problems in behavior or learning for the baby.

What can you take for anxiety while pregnant?

SSRIs are generally considered an option during pregnancy, including citalopram (Celexa) and sertraline (Zoloft).

When should you not take propranolol?

You should not use propranolol if you have asthma, very slow heart beats, or a serious heart condition such as “sick sinus syndrome” or “AV block” (unless you have a pacemaker). Babies who weigh less than 4.5 pounds should not be given Hemangeol oral liquid.

How do I get off propranolol?

If you want to stop taking propranolol, you should ask your doctor for help. Stopping this medicine quickly, or reducing the dose too much at once, may cause withdrawal symptoms that are dangerous to your heart.

How quickly does propranolol work for anxiety?

Low doses of Propranolol can be used to help treat performance or situational anxiety by reducing the physical symptoms such as flushing, shaking, sweating and a high heart rate. Propranolol can work very quickly to relieve these symptoms (around 30 minutes to one hour) and can last for around three to four hours.

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Does SVT make pregnancy high risk?

Pregnancy may predispose to and exacerbate symptoms of paroxysmal SVT. Several case reports8 and a retrospective study of 60 patients with documented SVT3 showed pregnancy to be associated with both an increased risk, and an exacerbation of symptoms.

Can you take propranolol as needed?

Can Propranolol be Taken as Needed? Yes. When used for performance anxiety and social anxiety, propranolol can be taken only when it’s needed. Many people use propranolol as needed before public speaking events, meetings or other stressful, anxiety-inducing situations.

How long does propranolol last?

Officially, the half-life of propranolol is three to six hours, but in terms of how you feel, go ahead and plan for a couple of hours of relief. Beta blockers are usually prescribed in pill form to be taken orally. The medication works relatively quickly, reaching peak levels in as quickly as one hour.

Which is an appropriate choice for hypertension treatment during pregnancy?

If restarting drug therapy in women with chronic hypertension, methyldopa is recommended as first line therapy. For emergency treatment in preeclampsia, IV hydralazine, labetalol and oral nifedipine can be used [1].

What blood pressure medications are safe during pregnancy?

For the initial treatment of high blood pressure in pregnancy, the three most commonly used medications are labetalol (Normodyne, Trandate), nifedipine (Procardia, Adalat) and methyldopa (Aldomet), and these are recommended above all other medications.

Why are beta-blockers contraindicated in pregnancy?

Despite the increased use of beta-blockers in pregnancy, there is only limited information on their possible teratogenic effects. Beta-blockers could reduce uteroplacental blood flow and could therefore lead to congenital anomalies in the offspring.

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