Quick Answer: Is it normal for babies feet to turn?

Babies may have a natural turning in of the legs until they begin standing. But as they get older, some might walk with feet turn inward. In-towing usually doesn’t interfere with walking, running, or sports, and often ends on its own as kids grow into teens.

Why do my baby’s feet turn in?

Crooked feet are totally normal during the first few months of life. They reflect baby’s curled-up position in the womb during development. Baby’s legs are normally bowed (his knees stay wide apart even when the feet and ankles are together).

At what age do babies feet straighten out?

Flat feet – if your child appears to have flat feet, don’t worry. If an arch forms when your child stands on tiptoe, no treatment will normally be needed. Flat feet usually correct themselves by the age of 6.

Are babies feet supposed to be turned in?

In the first year of life, many babies have feet that naturally assume an in-toe or out-toe position. As a general rule, as long as the foot can be brought to a normal position with gentle pressure, there is no need for concern.

When should I worry about toeing?

If your child has out-toeing, call the doctor if: Your child is limping or has pain in a hip or leg. One foot turns out more than the other. The out-toeing gets worse.

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Why do babies curl their feet?

Most babies will curl their toes when they’re sitting, as a response to a surface – just as they do when you touch their feet. Some babies don’t enjoy those new sensations, or they feel they’re being ‘tickled’ – so they clench their toes.

How do I know if my child is pigeon toed?

If you notice that your child’s feet turn inward—usually it becomes apparent once they start walking—this means they’re pigeon-toed. It’s normally a trait that runs in families, so you or another relative may have also been pigeon-toed as a child.

Is intoeing a disability?

Since disability from intoeing is extremely rare and most cases resolve spontaneously, observation and parental education are important from the time of diagnosis.

Why does my toddlers foot turn in?

It’s called tibial torsion, and it’s caused because of how the baby is positioned when it’s still inside the mother’s womb before birth. For children over 2 years old, if this intoeing is still present, or it’s new, it’s most common cause is due to the thigh bone being turned in at the hip.

How do you fix a turned foot?

Here are some remedies you can try at home.

  1. Retrain your stance. Become more conscious of the way you position your feet when you walk or stand. …
  2. Use orthotic inserts. Look for orthotic inserts that support and lift the arch of the foot. …
  3. Stretching and exercising.