You asked: How can I relax my baby’s hair?

Which hair relaxer is best for kids?

Relaxers For Kids

  • Dark And Lovely Beautiful Beginnings Scalp Care Relaxer. …
  • Just For Me Texture Softener No Lye System. …
  • PCJ Smooth Roots New Growth Relaxer. …
  • PCJ Pretty N Silky No Lye Conditioning Relaxer. …
  • Kids Olive Oil Texturizer. …
  • Kids Olive Oil No Lye Conditioning Relaxer. …
  • ORS Olive Oil Girls Relaxer.

How can I relax my toddlers hair?

If you shampoo, condition and moisturize your child’s hair regularly, it will soften it and make it easier to comb. You can also straighten the hair using a hair dryer or a straighten. Whatever you do, be gentle.

How do I tame my baby’s hair on top of my head?

Tired of dealing with errant baby hairs? Here’s what you can do to tame them

  1. Choose the right tool. …
  2. Use hairspray. …
  3. Tamp down baby hairs with cold air. …
  4. Spray it with water. …
  5. Apply a styling cream. …
  6. Protect the strands against more breakage.

When can I relax my baby’s hair?

You see those “kiddie perm” kits on the beauty store shelf and figure they must be made just for children, right? After all, the girls on the front of the box look happy. Their hair is long and thick. And it looks so much more manageable!

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What is an alternative to relaxer?

Molasses. Diva Smooth is a natural alternative to traditional chemical relaxers. The finely tuned mixture of natural ingredients when applied together with a flat iron create smooth, shiny hair without breakage or hair loss.

Are kiddie relaxers safe?

Despite the smiling, healthy-haired children on the box, these products are generally just as harsh as adult relaxers and can lead to hair damage, though they may be labeled softeners or silkeners. … Relaxing at early ages can cause irreparable hair damage–affecting children’s scalp and hair follicles.

Is Olive Oil Relaxer good for the hair?

Olive Oil, historically known as a healing elixir, is rich in essential fatty acids that impart moisture directly into the scalp and hair shaft. The Olive Oil Built-In Protection™ New Growth No-Lye Hair Relaxer offers continuous protection to new growth while straightening.

How do you use just kids relaxer?

Generously apply the relaxer in sections starting from the crown moving down in clockwise direction finishing off at the hairline. Smooth hair with the back of the comb. Allow to process between 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with luke warm water, ensuring that all traces of the relaxer are removed.

How do you use a Step 1 relaxer?

Apply relaxer +- 1cm from scalp. Comb towards hair ends, applying relaxer as needed. Comb through until desired curl is removed. Do not leave on for longer than 12 minutes.

Can I perm my 2 year old hair?

Many recommendations from professional hair stylists to medical professionals indicate that chemically changing a child’s hair before puberty is not recommended. Children’s hair before this time is typically thinner and more fragile and can be easily damaged by even the most gentle perms.

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Can I use just for me on baby hair?

My four-month-old baby girl has thick curly locks and it was becoming somewhat of a chore to comb out her hair. I use a small amount of the Buttercreme at night (I either wash or wet her hair during bath time) and comb out her hair. … “I found that Just for Me moisturizing lotion works the best, especially for dry hair.